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When you’re shopping for cannabis products, one of the first things you’ll notice is that each item has a label. These labels, required for compliance, provide you with a substantial amount of information. One of the things that you’ll find is the CBD: THC ratio. Understanding this ratio can help you to choose products that best fit your specific needs.

A Bit About CBD and THC

CBD and THC are the two most well-known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. They’re also two of the most abundant. Studies have shown that these compounds may provide several potential benefits, including relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, poor appetite, and more. 

One of the main differences between the two cannabinoids is that THC gets you high. CBD, on the other hand, provides relief from various symptoms without any mind-altering effects. 

CBD THC facts

The Entourage Effect

While CBD and THC offer many benefits on their own, the entourage effect shows they may be more effective together. Evidence demonstrates that CBD can help to reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. Some THC can also help to enhance the therapeutic effects of CBD. 

What is the CBD: THC Ratio?

Cannabis labels provide a significant amount of information. In addition to the THC percentage, you’ll come across a CBD: THC ratio. The ratio shows the amount of CBD in relation to the amount of THC. You can have ratios in all types of cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, and more. 

The CBD: THC ratio provides you with more information than numbers. It provides valuable insight into what you can expect from a given product. Once you determine your ideal ratio, you can more quickly find items that provide you with the relief you seek. 

How to Read a Ratio

The first step to understanding the CBD: THC ratio is to know how to read them. The first number you see is the amount of CBD and the second number shows the amount of THC. So, if you see 5:1 on a product label, you’ll know that the item has five times more CBD than THC. A product label reading 1:10 shows that the product has ten times more THC than CBD. You can also read it as the product containing 1/10th the amount of CBD compared to THC. 

Common Ratios 

Cannabis products can have almost any ratio of CBD to THC imaginable. Still, some are more common than others:

  • 1:1. A 1:1 ratio features equal amounts of CBD and THC. While you will likely feel euphoric effects, the high will be balanced and gentle. 
  • 2:1. You have twice as much CBD as THC. You may still feel a slight buzz, but it will be much gentler than a 1:1. 
  • 5:1. If you’re newer to cannabis, a 5:1 ratio may be beneficial for you. You get the relief you need without a noticeable euphoria from the THC. 
  • 18:1. These high CBD products don’t produce any noticeable high. You still get the benefits of the entourage effect, though.
  • 1:2. With this ratio, there’s twice as much THC as CBD. You’ll experience a high, but it generally isn’t overwhelming. 

At first glance, a CBD: THC ratio might only look like a couple of numbers. In reality, those numbers can provide you with some valuable insight into the effects a product can provide. As you search for items to meet your needs, be sure to pay close attention to the label.