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The ever-expanding cannabis legalization across many territories in the United States has made room for some major innovations in the way we consume it. Long gone are the days where we were limited to smoking weed or having edibles to fully take advantage of the medical and recreational effects of cannabinoids. Nowadays, we have many more options, and sublingual THC is an increasingly popular one.

The outcomes of every administration method are slightly different. While the effects of edibles last much longer, smoking and sublingual dosage provide instant relief. However, the latter has proven to be more convenient for several people.  

All You Need to Know About Sublingual THC

Sublingual THC intake is gaining traction for many reasons, especially among medicinal users. Although the dosage is taken orally, it doesn’t come with the wild effects that edibles bring to the table. Besides, it allows for a faster and even absorption of the compound, leading to a more consistent result. 


Why Does It Work Faster?

When you swallow an edible, for example, it pretty much has to go through your entire digestive system before you start absorbing the good stuff. It gets exposed to stomach acid, enzymes, and bile, and later on, it gets filtered by your intestines and liver. 

Sublingual THC administration, on the other hand, gives the compound a shortcut. The sublingual dose avoids the entire digestive process by going directly into your bloodstream. This lets you experience a much more refined THC experience and a more controlled high.

Proper Administration

For sublingual THC to work the way it’s supposed to, you need to follow instructions. Putting the strip or drops over your tongue — or elsewhere inside your mouth, for that matter — will not do the trick. A proper sublingual dose goes under the tongue.

If you fail to place the THC strip or tincture where it’s supposed to go, it won’t have the chance to stick to the oral membranes. Hence, it won’t be able to work its magic the way you expect. Remember to allow the THC to absorb for a few seconds before swallowing.

Benefits of Sublingual THC Application

Besides their immediate relief effects and the consistent high they produce, sublingual THC products have many other benefits. Some of the most relevant perks of this administration method are:

  • Confidentiality – These products are very low-key. You can take them without anyone even noticing, as they don’t produce the characteristic smell that comes with smoking.
  • Portability – You can easily have them with you at all times. Besides, they’re a lot less likely to make a mess in your pocket or bag. 
  • Availability – You can shop for sublingual THC products at Delta9

Give It A Try!

These days, you can consume cannabis in a lot of fun and effective ways. Sublingual THC products are definitely worth the shot. Make sure to compare brands before purchasing — as you would with any other cannabis product — to make sure you find the best ones for your specific needs. ‌Remember to properly store them so that they’re always ready whenever you need them.