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Cannabis is a sensitive plant and you must pay close attention to its needs to get the best harvest. Growing cannabis outdoors brings greater complications as there are more factors outside of your control. That’s why, in this guide, we’re going to focus on the best practices to grow cannabis indoors.

Choose an Optimal Space to Grow Your Cannabis

Starting with a smaller operation is better, as it’s easier to monitor a few plants and the mistakes you make will be less devastating. Even so, allow space for all of your equipment and enough room to work comfortably in.

The space you choose should also be simple to keep clean, easy to access, and set up so light can’t leak in during dark periods of your plants’ growth.

Pick Your Strain Carefully

The key attributes of the strain you choose to grow should be:

  • fast growth
  • high potency
  • abundant bud production‌

You should also consider the CBD/THC ratio and terpenes profile you’d like to cultivate when you’re growing cannabis.

cannabis plants

Invest in the Best Grow Lights

Choose the best lighting setup you can afford, as this will be the biggest factor in how much cannabis you have and how good it is at harvest time. Popular types of light include fluorescent grow lights and LED grow lights.

However, high-intensity discharge (HID) lights are the industry standard as they provide more light per unit of electricity, saving energy and money. Metal halide HID lamps are used during the initial growth stages and produce blue-white light. High-pressure sodium HID lamps are used during flowering and produce red-orange light.

Royal Queen Seeds has more information on choosing grow lights.

Growing Cannabis Requires Careful Control

You’ll need a steady stream of oxygen and CO2 flowing through your grow room. To achieve this, place an exhaust fan at the top of the room and a filtered air inlet at the opposite end near the floor.

The temperature of your grow room shouldn’t fall outside 58-70°F when the lights are off or 70-85°F when the lights are on. You’ll also need to make sure humidity levels are just right, as well as learning about the optimum light and dark periods for different stages of growth.

Arm Yourself with the Right Tools

To grow the best cannabis, you also need to buy:

  • Thermometer/hygrometer – to measure the temperature and humidity of your grow space
  • PH and PPM meters – to monitor the pH of your medium and make sure your plants are getting equal nutrients
  • Lux meter – to measure and optimize light levels in your grow room
  • Timers – to automate the cycles of light and darkness for your plants
  • Nutrients – the right nutrition is essential for growing cannabis successfully.
  • Measuring cup and buckets – so you can measure your nutrients accurately
  • String nets – made from a non-damaging material, to guide your plants in the right direction
  • Scissors and shears – to trim and train your plants, helping to produce more fruitful growth
  • Magnifying glass – to inspect your leaves for pests and observe the trichomes of your flowering plants
  • Containers – to hold your plants. Leafly has a great guide on how to choose these
  • Medium – your choice of either soil or a hydroponic method to grow your plants in

‌We’ve provided you with the basics of the best practices for growing cannabis. Now take the time to conduct more in-depth research in each of these areas. Along with experience gained over time, you’ll have the best chance at growing cannabis successfully!