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We all enjoy going out and having a drink or more and for cannabis smokers being drunk and also high can be fun but it entails several risks. When you combine alcohol with marijuana the result may be enjoyable for the first hours but the afterward experience can be dangerous for your health. 

So, it’s critical for those who engage in both activities to comprehend what the crossfaded high is and how to get rid of it in order to restore harmony to your body and avoid the unpleasant side effects.


What is the Crossfaded High?


A crossfaded high occurs when a person is drunk and high at the same time. Most people experience it when smoking weed after drinking, or the opposite. The order in which you drink alcohol and marijuana doesn’t matter because they both have the same effect, which is a sort of mental breakdown. 

According to research, for most people, the drug of choice for those who consume alcohol is marijuana and those who use both have twice the likelihood of using them at the same time than those who use only one.


How do you Feel when Getting Crossed?


If you’ve already experienced a crossfaded high, you probably don’t have the best memories of it. However, note that the result of being crossed is specific to a given situation and the “mix” won’t feel fatal every time. In other words, there are users that haven’t experienced complete frustration and adverse side effects every time they combined both substances.

If you’ve ever been too crossfaded, you’ll understand what I mean, but for those who haven’t, just picture your inebriation level increasing by three to five times. You can experience a wide range of emotions when you’re drunk and high. If it hits you just right, you might experience the height of euphoria. However, you might regret mixing the two if the alcohol and THC have an adverse effect on your bloodstream. 


Consequences of a Crossfaded High


The combination of multiple substances can have detrimental effects on one’s physical and mental health. This is because alcohol and marijuana have different impacts when used separately. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant that has a significant impact on a drinker’s ability to move. Cannabis is a psychoactive substance that primarily affects cognition and alters your mood. 

People who drink and then smoke weed experience the effects of the drug more quickly. This is because drinking accelerates the absorption of THC by the blood vessels. Although rarely lethal, the combination encourages riskier conduct that frequently results in accidents and injury.

When combining both you will experience unpleasant and possibly harmful adverse effects. Some of the most common side effects include disorientation, sweating, nausea, anxiety, and even paranoia. Note that the most dangerous thing about the crossfaded high is an alcohol-induced aspiration which happens when an intoxicated person can not vomit.


How to Avoid the Crossfaded High


First and foremost, staying hydrated and drinking water can help flush your system of both THC and alcohol and make you feel less nauseated. You can also minimize the impacts of the crossfaded high by finding a cool environment and laying down or just staying in a seated position. 

Sleeping it off is also crucial, just like you would with any hangover, and remember to have a good friend by your side to support you. Lastly, while using both cannabis and alcohol may cause you to feel more euphoric, it’s preferable to choose one and stick with it if you want to avoid the crossfade high.