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Concentrates have been gaining significant popularity recently. These highly concentrated cannabis products are incredibly potent, many containing as much as 90% or more THC. One popular method of consuming concentrates is by dabbing (and we don’t mean the dance move). Dabbing involves vaporizing the concentrate using a specialized piece of equipment called a dab rig. If you’re looking to kick up your dabbing experience one more notch, look no further than diamond dabs.


What Are Diamond Dabs?

Diamonds (or THCA diamonds) are the crystalline structures that develop at the bottom of a jar of terp sauce. While they’re sometimes called THC diamonds, they’re actually THCA, the non-psychoactive precursor to THC. These diamonds range in size and shape, attributes that are influenced by such factors as terpenes and solvents. While some people believe that the physical characteristics of the diamonds affect the quality, they’re more of a map that shows you their path to crystallization. Size and shape aren’t necessarily an indication of the product’s quality.

The Making of Diamonds

There are two different methods for making THCA diamonds. The first is a closed-loop system, which uses a special solvent removal process. With most solvent-based extractions, the goal is to remove the solvent as quickly as possible. For THCA diamond creation, technicians leave approximately 10% to 15% of the solvent after the initial extraction process. This creates a supersaturated THCA solution. The diamonds form as technicians slowly purge the solvent.

The other way to make diamonds is known as the crystalline method. The process involves taking a highly refined cannabis concentrate and mixing it with a solvent to create a supersaturated solution. Technicians apply heat and pressure, and then they slowly evaporate the solvent. The process creates the ideal environment for diamond formation.

In either case, technicians either package them as is or add them back to the extracted terpenes (terp sauce). In instances where a technician packages the diamonds separately, they also package the sauce separately. Dispensaries sell the sauce alongside the diamonds, enabling you to customize your dabbing experience.

Do Diamond Dabs Get You High?

Technically, THCA is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. The diamonds come from uncured cannabis that hasn’t undergone the decarboxylation process. When you apply THCA diamonds to the nail of your dab rig, however, the heat transforms THCA into psychoactive THC.

The Role of the Entourage Effect

THCA may turn into THC, but pure THC alone might not give you the exact results you’re expecting. This is where terpenes come into play. Different terpenes play a role in creating specific effects, such as relaxation or energy. Playing with the amount of terp sauce you add to your dab can also influence your high. The great thing about diamonds is that your overall experience is customizable. You get to make it just how you want it.

How to Dab Your Diamonds

Dabbing diamonds isn’t all that different than dabbing any other concentrate. First, coat your crystal in terp sauce. Heat your nail and let it cool for a few seconds before enjoying your diamond dabs! You can also use a banger setup, as using a nail can be a bit messy and hard to clean.

Dabbing THCA diamonds creates a rich experience unlike any other. With different sauces available, you can create all kinds of combinations, and discover a whole world of incredible possibilities.